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AGATHA NOWLES LIVE @ TAO ( Together as One) 2021

I'm at The TAO (HALLOWEEN EVENT ) when Agatha comes on stage. Oh AGATHA , AGATHA! This little lady is amazing . I've known Agatha for a long time and never , ever get enough of her shows , She is so upbeat , full of energy and laughter , and OH yes , she can sing . Agatha launched into 'Ventura Highway', followed by 'You're so Vain ' ,and ' Love potion no 9 '

As Agatha sang, she shared with us that her family was preparing a barbeque in the garden of the house at the same time , making us all hungry We were treated to ' Love Potion no 9 ' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'. By now even the skeletons on the stage were dancing.

Agatha is multi-lingual , breaking out into another language at any moment , laughing and interacting with her audience at the same time. She sang Fleetwood Mac's ' Big Love ' , Eurythmics 'Her Comes The Rain Again ' and ' Is this Love ' .

The Together As One is an Event organised by Winter , his partner Holly and the team for research into Children's Cancer. They created an amazing spooky stage with Skeletons dancing , hugs skulls ,spiders , pulling us into an eerie smoke filled atmosphere.

Agatha is one of the most delightful , warm hearted , fun loving performers I know

She is a true entertainer , at One with her music , feeling every note. This lady can SING.!! She ended her show with 'Bad Things ' and left the room on a wave of infectious laughter, heading for that steak:)


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