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Acoustic Energy @ Sinful Retreat

On the occasion of the grand opening of Sinners & Saints Art Show @ Sinful Retreat last Saturday evening, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get to know this interesting concept of art and live music. The event took place on 2 Sims at the same time, in the middle of everything was the stage. If you let your gaze wander, the entire place was peppered with wonderful works of art in a wide variety of shapes and styles. A paradise for art lovers and those who want to become one. At first I was on the Saints side and noticed very quickly that the ones over on the Sinners side (as so often) had a lot more fun than we did here and I switched fields. I was impressed by the large number of visitors and how many wonderful works of art could be admired on both sides. There were many artists in the audience and there was a man on stage who is himself a multi-artist and a very good musician in both worlds: Acoustic Energy! Acoustic Energy can not “only” express himself with music, but also with his photography and poetry and he is an extreme athlete. So this man has to have energy for all his projects and he has chosen a perfect name for it. His original songs testify to his enormous ability as a musician and I like it very much, on Saturday he was able to prove this live. His songs that evening were: Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody Take another change - original Hallelujah Morning - Original James Blunt - You're Beautiful Tom Petty - Breakdown All Night (Porn Song) - Original Bob Dylan (Adele) - Make You Feel My Love Oxygen - original Desire - original Carolina - original Delicate - Damien Rice Acoustic relaxed the atmosphere with his jokes, his self-irony and the fact that he doesn't take himself that seriously right away. The atmosphere was wonderful and exuberant. I really like his voice, it's natural, soulful and powerful at the same time. He sings, accompanied by his acoustic guitar, with heart and passion and that gave me the feeling of pleasure that I long for music. His songs, his voice and his humorous nature made me a fan and I will keep my eyes open for one of his next concerts to be able to experience him live again. Thanks for the wonderful evening! **translated from German**

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