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In early June 2021 John and Claudine Sinclair, owners of the mega popular Sapphire Beach Club offered to put on an event for Toggle For Music, in recognition of our work in promoting live music venues and entertainers in Second Life - an offer we that we gratefully accepted. 


Little did we know at the time what a sensational star-studded array of performers John and Claudine would put on for us in a magnificent 2 day event on July 2nd and 3rd!

Here our wonderful team of bloggers  - Naty, Aqua, Tracy, Taila and Ezzy set out to describe the sheer scale and and atmosphere of the event and the wonderful performers who took part, backed up by videos by our awesome video recorder Kandy.  Please enjoy ... 

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Jack Dryden

by Naty

Video by Kandy

naty 1 tfm event 2 july.png

Sapphire Beach Club looked beautiful. Co-owners Claudine and John Sinclair, and their staff, created a special build for the two-day Toggle for Music event, and it was clear that lots of thought went into it from the modern water fountains and spotlight placement, to the large stage set on a pool of blue water.


Everything was right for the first performer Jack Dryden at 1pm Friday 2 July.


Jack wore a rustic checkered shirt, cool cowboy hat, and leather pants to deliver a hour of authentic Country Music ranging from Bluesy to twaggy to hi-tone, and sweet, sweet love songs. The graceful Mei Dryden, Jack's partner, accompanied him on the piano beside the stage.


Jack started with some classic tunes including "Bob Wills is Still the King", "All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down), and "Lonesome, Onry and Mean". After 30 minutes he segued to current popular Country songs. But, the highlight of the show for me was Jack's special song for Mei Dryden, and a heart-stirring song he wrote for his daughter Lilly.


I couldn't imagine a better singer to kick off the Toggle for Music festival, the audience was transfixed, and "YEE-HAW" gestures exploded after each song among the crowd of 50+ guests. Recently, I'd taken a break from SL, and my passion level for in-world live music may have waned just a little but Jack Dryden sure did turn up the fire again.

Virgil Flowers

by Aqua

Video by Kandy

virgil for toggle_001.png

I was in the amazing Sapphire Beach Venue Where John and Claudine and their team , ( they feel more like family really ) are warmly  greeting guests to this special show for 'Toggle for Music' . Set on a  Stunning beautiful stage on water  against an azure sky.  On the stage was Virgil Flowers, not only a good friend but a spectacular guitarist and singer.

Virgil kicked off his show with a Johnny Cash Number , 'I Walk  the line' of those tunes that lingers in the mind the day after you hear it.. Then followed , ' She was an American Girl '' Black Magic Woman ' and many more

Virgil sings with a raw soulful  passion , his  fingers Weave a magic spell as they dance on the guitar  making his guitar sing  to you. Virgil is a gifted musician and entertainer truly connected to his audience . He then launched into ..
' You really got me Now ' . ( This tune was a walk back in time for me. ) ' Come Together ' ' Sultans of Swing ' ' Tennessee Whiskey '
' Midnight blues '
Virgil closed his set with the ever haunting 'Sloe Gin' from Joe Bonamassa , Thank  you Virgil for a  
very special show indeed!









Melly Faith


by Tracy

Video by Kandy

I want nothing more than to spread the love and joy of music to as many as I can 
                                      ~ Melly Faith
I stole the above quote from Melly's profile so I already suspected it was true but I knew from the moment Melly started talking that she is a total sweetheart.  Melly has a real country quality to her voice but not the serious slightly depressing country, the fun sort of country!  I enjoyed hearing a lot of songs that are new to me but I loved every one of them.

Melly has been singing in RL since she was young when a school requirement led to the discovery of the beautiful voice we hear today.  Melly continued singing after graduating and it was just 3 years ago this month that she started singing in SL.  Be sure to wish her a Happy Anniversary when you see her!

The hour went by quickly as Melly sung a variety of county, pop and soft rock songs. The Good Ones by Gabby Barrett and Dear Future Husband by Meagan Trainor were my favourites.  Dare You to Love by Kelly Clarkson was the last song Melly shared with us and one that obviously means a lot to her.  What a great encouragement from a beautiful lady


JimmyT49 Dukes

by Michael

Video by Kandy

Wow!  I had never heard Jimmy before and what a performance this amazing blues man gave us.  


Number after number of high energy rock and blues of the very highest quality - this was definitely one of the highlights of such a memorable evening.


Instrumentally and vocally Jimmy is truly sensational and it looks like the word is out -  halfway through his set and already over 60 were packed in with more arriving every minute.  

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing much much more if this amazing talent!




Kendall Jigsaw

by Aqua

Video by Kandy

Kendall Jigsaw was singing on the amazing stage at Sapphire Beach , part of a special event combining two huge supporters of LIVE music in SL  Toggle for Music and Sapphire Beach Club.

Kendal is a powerhouse of a rocker , this has been said before but it's not  until you get to hear him that  you really , really GET how much of a powerhouse he is. He has a Raw gutsy style and gravelly voice . He can move from , what he calls ' Sappy ' love songs , to AC/DC and ZZ Top ,  all the time playing a red hot mean guitar .


A thing which is REALLY important for me , Kendall is TOTALLY in touch with his guests ,he has an awesome stage presence  and personality, A truly nice guy

The crowd was a Rockin , The house was a Rockin  , The stage was on Fire !  I am a huge,  huge Fan of Rock and Blues and Kendall nailed it. Kendall Jigsaw , remember the name , you WILL want to hear him.

saturday toggle festival-july 3rd.png


Toxic Darkmatter

by Aqua

Video by Kandy


I was asked to blog Toxic Darkmatter, for the Event held at  Sapphire Beach in support of Toggle for music , two huge lovers of Live music in SL. THIS was summed up by me in one word 'Wow'.  I am a Huge, huge  Fan of Toxie , one of THE nicest people in SL  

Toxie started her show with a delicious giggle and launched into  'What's goin on' and 'I wanna do Bad Things' . She had the crowd singing with her.

Toxie has the most engaging fun  way about her , telling you little stories in between songs , punctuated with her delightful giggle , She switches from sultry , Bluesy tunes, 'Bourbon in Your Eyes'  and Macy Gray 's 'I Try' , to 'Crazy Lil thing called Love' .


In this show, she was followed by Max Kleene and  Toxi and Max did a dual set which was awesome... Her style is Bluesy , cheeky , fun , with a wonderful breathy voice that seduces and makes you smile...and leaves you wanting more and more and more!

Toxie is truly a great entertainer, a delightful personality and a very special lady  indeed!

Max Kleene

by Taila

Video by Kandy


On Saturday evening, the 2nd day of the Toggle For Music Festival, Maximillion Kleene, one of the numerous top-class acts, could also be seen on the stage of the Sapphire Beach Club.

On the spur of the moment and to the delight of the audience, he streamed a few songs together with the enchanting Toxic Darkmatter, who was on the program before him. I heard both of them together for the first time and was absolutely thrilled. They harmonized musically as well as personally and gave the audience a very special performance. It was a great pleasure to listen to both of them.The audience was also enthusiastic and the mood rose. After a few songs, Toxic was cheered and said goodbye to enthusiastic applause.

Specially for the occasion of the Toggle for Music Festival, the operators of the Sapphire Beach Club created a completely new stage and venue. When I saw this stage on the first day I was really speechless and very impressed. Once again Claudine and John Sinclair have surpassed themselves with their enchanting team and
created an ambience for their guests, both in terms of design and with their friendly, humorous and cordial manner, in which every visitor feels equally comfortable and enjoys the evening with the good music.

The number of guests who gathered in the best of mood for a party last night rose steadily and I have seldom seen so many people during an event.

Max enchanted his fans and everyone present yesterday evening with happy, light, soulful and hopeful songs that brought a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, suitable for the event and a wonderful, mild summer evening with friends.  His voice and character are so natural and pleasant. He is a full professional, sings with a lot of heart, a real pleasure for ears and soul. Music to feel, relax and enjoy. All in one His message from yesterday evening can be summed up with one of his performed songs: Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw, a song that gets under your skin.

Thank you Max for the wonderful concert that evening!

Samm Qendra

by Naty

Video by Kandy

Snapshot _ Sapphire Beach Club, Skyhill (179, 68, 2216) - Adult.png

We were delighted to have Samm Qendra perform on Saturday 3 July at the Toggle for Music festival, hosted by Sapphire Beach Club. What a happy, sweet lady she is, a spontaneous smile came to my face as soon as Samm began singing.


Samm looked smashing in a gown-length denim skirt and a summery top.


You sense that Samm looks forward to each and every concert. She is a natural born entertainer who thrives in the limelight, and can hardly wait to take the stage. In a word, irresistible.


Most of Samm's repertoire is suitable for all audiences, grandmothers and children alike. But, once in a while she slips in a spicy number, and is so very polite about it. She will alter the lyrics so as not offend delicate ears. In one memorable song the word fuck became duck, and nobody was the wiser.


As usual, I found myself at home swaying to Samm's silvery voice, chair dancing we call it. and I dare say many in the audience that day were doing the same.

Noma Falta

by Ezzy

Video by Kandy


Noma opens her show by introducing herself and saying a few quick hellos. Then immediately jumps into the soul-touching by beginning the music with a rendition of Nina Simone's (Michael Bublé) - Feeling Good that made the entire crowd feel just that, GOOD! Then just as you are opened and feeling good, she comes out with INXS - Never Tear Us Apart, and a bassline to it that paired with her incredible voice is remarkable on many levels.

Noma has a glow and authenticity that is vibrant and inviting, making the show feel incredibly real even though it's taken place inside a virtual world. Her musical knowledge and ability to tell a story as her show unfolds is a real treat that keeps audiences engaged throughout the entire performance. You can tell she is a true music lover and has a  burning passion for entertaining people.

Midway through the performance, Noma plays; Classics 1V (Atlanta Rhythm Section version) - Spooky, which quite literally gave me goosebumps. The tone, feeling, vocals, and just all aspects of this particular song were firing on all cylinders for me.

Noma, ending her set with one of my all-time personal favorites; Pink Floyd - Us and Them. Which brought me back to a fantastic childhood memory I have of attending Pink Floyd live! From top to bottom, Noma put down another genuinely inspiring collection of songs done her way for us to enjoy, and It was an absolute pleasure to be there to do so!

Tukso Okey

by Taila

Snapshot_005 (1).png
Snapshot_002 (1).png

This absolutely wonderful Toggle for Music Festival could hardly find a more worthy end than with the special performance of Tukso Okey, a RL musician who has been known for many years in SL and who let his positive vibes flow to us live from New York City.

When I heard him for the first time a few months ago, he immediately cast a spell on me and I am very happy to be able to see him regularly on the stage of the Sapphire Beach Club, among other things.

He plays all the instruments that you hear himself, uses electronics and mixes everything together in front of his audience with the help of a looper.  In addition, he sings and plays live on his electronic guitar, which he more than masters.

Unique jams are created, pieces of music that cannot be compared to anything else that you can only hear once from him live in this form. Most of the time he also streams live on YT during his performances and you can watch over his shoulder how he creates his music, highly recommended!


In addition to his extraordinary musical talent, his sound is memorable and unique. He and his voice put you in a kind of positive trance, perfect for dancing, drifting and feeling good.   I could listen to him for hours and dance the night away just right to forget everyday life.


This sympathetic relaxed guy is one of my musical heroes in SL, he spreads a good mood, love and peace over
the grid.  
Tukso, please keep it up and spread the word!

2 wonderful days are coming to an end, I had an amazing time full of good music, with happy, relaxed people. All visitors enjoyed themselves and even many SL artists were to be found in the audience not wanting to miss this festival.


Many thanks to all those responsible for your effort and time that you have invested with much love in this festival. You have surely proven that love of music brings people together.

In Summary...

friday toggle festival-july 2nd.png

What a wonderful two days this has been.   Our team had an absolute Blast  throughout the entire event.  A massive THANK YOU to owners John and Claudine and their superb hostesses. Its impossible to single out an individual highlight - Ten absolutely flawless performances from ten performers of the absolute highest quality.  

Audience numbers were huge - many times I noticed over 70 were there  at any one time - there must have been hundreds at the event overall!

At TFM our mission is to promote live music throughout Second Life.  Clearly, so long as we have performers of this quality and wonderful venues like Sapphire Beach Club, the live music scene in Second Life will surely thrive and prosper.

MichaelJ Rossini

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