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Samm Qendra @ Odyessey Music Live

Updated: Jun 8

My goodness gracious - the Lady can Sing!!! And she is all over youtube, (check out her profile) so you can hear her, when you aren't on SL.

She was singing the blues, on Sunday night, when I heard her, and I was up and dancing around my computer the minute I heard the first song.

Talking about her voice, her tone rocks the house, and she has the best control over her voice, over every note. She's got humility, too, and that is rare and refreshing with someone that has this kind of caliber of singing. I hope she never loses it, and I'm sure she won't, because she is a Lady. One of the best entertainers in Second life, and if she pursues it, and she should - in Real life, too.

Odyessey is a lovely venue, with great live entertainment. It is billed as an Elite Live Music Venue established/originated in 2006. As you can see, from these pics, it's beautifully decorated both inside and out.

See you around the grid. ~Jade ♥


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