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JUSTINELIAS ANATRA@Dandy's Place 28/06/2021

Justin is one of the most talented performers in SL and his shows are always full of fun! with his uniquely creative styling of songs that touch your musical soul. Requests are always welcome and encouraged to make his shows focused upon you and yours.

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Justin Elias
Justin Elias
11. Juli 2021

Bless your heart. I was having MASS allergies and about to undergo surgery. I could hear all the mistakes in my voice but hey, I'm human and at least I was live. I gave it my all even when at that night I was 30% and kicking myself that entire set that I was not 100%. I had no idea you were there recording me. But I am honored. I refused to let down the people I love the most. While recovering from my surgery which I can't sing for a few days, this certainly made me smile and I have to say that I am extremely thankful and blessed to have people such as yourself to have li…

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