• michaeljrossini

Vanellope @ The Woolshed 20/01/21

Girls just want to have fun and FUN is what you get when you witness Vanellope in action and tonight the action was happening at a unique Aussie club, The Woolshed. You can’t help but have a great time at a Van concert as she literally oozes happiness and has so much fun herself that you do too. (she also laughs at herself a lot which is a very endearing quality) You get so caught up in the excitement that Vanellope brings to her show that you find yourself wondering where the hour went…. didn’t I just get here, can’t be over already? She puts her heart and her soul into every song and you can tell that she really loves performing and what a performance she gave us tonight. A truly sweet songbird who in my opinion is going to fly high in her SL music career.


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