• michaeljrossini

Ugly Bill @ Rocking Sands 01/03/21

They say that things happen in threes. 2 days ago I had never heard of Ugly Bill. Last night I saw him for the first time at Thera's gig, then today I went to an open mic place and he was singing there - and singing very well I have to say! So tonight I saw he was at Rocking Sands so I hopped over there for more.

Rocking Sands is really nice friendly venue and everyone was given a warm greeting by owner Eagle.

As for Bill - in a short time I have grown to like him a lot. He sings well - he plays well - he's friendly and engaging - he's a character - and he's Scottish. He's very Scottish! Most of his songs were unfamiliar to me but I thoroughly enjoyed them all the same - the sheer quality of Bill's voice and playing stood out a mile.

Towards the end Bill sang Tangled so well that he made me wish I brought my girlfriend - in fact he made me wish I had one! As with all good performances the hour flew by, but left me with the resolve to see more if this talented guy from North O' the Border!


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