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Toxie Darkmatter (inc Max Kleene)@ Solarwinds 27/01/21

Tonight, I threw on a comfy pair of jeans and jacket and headed out to Solarwinds winter venue to see Toxie Darkmatter. Toxie is another performer that I haven’t seen before so I went along with an open mind and no pre-conceived expectations just hoping that I would have a great time. Toxie’s voice shot out like a cannonball to Beth Harts “Am I the one” and left a trail of gunpowder behind that continued to smoulder throughout the show. Now I am a girl who wears my heart on my sleeve so Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers “Always remember us this way” and Robbie Williams “Angel” had me reaching for the tissues as Toxie sang them with so much passion and conviction. Not only does this lady have a sexy sultry voice but she has a giggle and fun personality that is highly infectious.

When Max Kleene joined her on stage for about 45 minutes, it was just a lot of fun as they laughed and talked their way through several songs, including Foo Fighters. Lagy Gaga and Simon and Garfunkle, but it was their version of Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe’s Picture that touched me deeply. A song of love and loss sung by two artists whose voices work so well together. With 65 others in attendance, it seems I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself….Bernie seemed to love it.


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