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Tony Slade @ Saddles Ballroom 13/01/21

Saddles Ballroom is such a pretty outdoor venue that when I saw Tony was playing there tonight, I just had to go, because honestly, what girl doesn’t like putting on a beautiful dress, doing her face and nails and going ballroom dancing? To me no one does ballroom better than Tony Slade, he has the voice of a crooner and the suave manner to match. His voice is so rich and smooth, that listening to him is just like drinking fine wine, you savour each mouthful, well in this case earful and tonight that fine voice was smoking hot. For the whole concert I was melting like a marshmallow held over a fire. So, ladies grab your partner, put on some fancy clothes and get along to hear one of SL’s finest performers. Romance will be in the air………winks.


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