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Tally Mercury @ Burrow 19/3/21

I came across Tally Mercury by chance a few weeks ago during an event.

Unfortunately, his show was almost over, but I was so fascinated by his voice that I joined his group and waited very curiously for the next concert.

On Friday the longed-for notification came that he will perform in Burrow.

The Burrow is home to my favorite café, which I visit almost every day. It's a fantastically beautiful sim designed in a noble industrial style, and you can feel the attention to detail and you just feel incredibly comfortable there. In addition to the café, there is a whiskey bar, a games loft, an open-air stage on the meadow and the club above the clouds where the concert took place.

From the first impression I would say that Tally is a very grounded guy and not a friend of many words, but that is not important because he is blessed with an incredibly good and beautiful voice. Exactly this took my breath away the first time.

His first song, that evening was one of my favorite songs: Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve, but then I quickly realized that all the songs were my favorite songs, with Im a Creep by Radiohead, Trouble by Coldplay, Pau Wellers-You do something to me, The Proclaimers-I'm gonna be (500 miles), Fix you from Coldplay, he hit my musical nerve exactly.

Not only are the songs an excellent choice, but also his arrangement and unmistakable style are sensational. He sings very honestly, soulfully and is able to develop an extraordinary dynamic. He lets the songs melt into one another and this entire concert came together like a work of art. Unique and definitely to be recommended!

**Translated from German**


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