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Story time with The Wiz @ Classique Performance Centre

Today saw me attending a stage production of The Wizard of Oz, (albeit in a condensed story book version to fit into an hour) and I was sooooooooo impressed. From the moment the curtains opened I was drawn into a classic story with a difference. Narrated beautifully by Mahogany who played Dorothy, the audience was taken on a journey down the famous yellow brick road to find the Wizard – or in this case The Wiz (Say Imamu), a rocking black man in a green suit, so that Dorothy and Toto can of course get back home to Kansas. Also, along for the ride were the Lion (Tony Slade), The Tin Man (Terrence Trevellion) and the Scarecrow (Scorpio Aeon), who as we know all had issues of their own to overcome. Upon reaching the Emerald City and meeting the Wiz they discover that the only way he will grant the group their wishes is for them to kill the Wicked Witch of the West (Lady Java Devine Xue), who they find running of all things a sweat shop (in a ballroom gown no less). To cut a long story short, after a tussle with the Lion the witch met her demise via a bucket of water, and all ended well for Dorothy, Toto and her friends. The songs that were sung throughout the show by the super talented performers were fantastic, all had amazing voices that made the production such the huge success it was and the set, which was ever changing was like nothing that I have ever seen before in my 11 years of SL. The amount of work, time and effort that must have gone into putting this production together is just a credit to all of those involved and It was such a privilege to see so many gifted people on one stage. Clicks my silver shoes………Thank You for inviting me to Oz Tony Slade.

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Good Witch of the North - Tasia

Glinda, the Good Witch of the South - Jackie Lefko


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Aisha Convair

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