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Rogue @ Blues Cove 03/03/21

Last time I saw Rogue it was very briefly and I made a mental note to see her again soon. so when I saw she was due to appear at one of my favourite venues, Blues Cove , my excitement was palpable. Unfortunately (just my luck) Rogue was experiencing a power cut and couldn't get there for the first half of her slot. All credit to her stand in BoW Shim who gave us a terrific high energy half hour with lots of country music and audience participation and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Finally after about 30 minutes Rogue arrived apologizing profusely for something that really couldn't be helped, and very soon was seated on a tea chest surrounded by her tiny band and we were underway.

First off was Queen's Thing Called Love followed by a really well put together set including A Mans World, Mad World and more. I'm a big fan of New Orleans Cajun style and a massive fan of Beth Hart and somehow Rogue manages to combine the two in a way that really hit spot!

Unfortunately it all ended too quickly - as always Aqua at Blues Cove has a tight schedule crammed with talent so there was no opportunity for an overrun - but I know I will be back for more of this talented performer as soon as I can.

Footnote ... My posts usually contain 2 pics but on this occasion my camera was broken in the stampede by Aqua and others onto the stage at the end of the event and I only managed to get one. Next time you visit Blues Cove remember to take two cameras!


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