• michaeljrossini

Quartz @ Licentious 08/01/21

Today was a first for me as I went to see Quartz perform. Previously I have only caught bits and pieces of his shows so to see one from start to finish was amazing. He sang at Licentious, a very pretty outdoor venue that was done in the winter theme. The snow and winter trees had me wishing that I had thrown on a nice warm jacket but the voice, that is Quartz soon had me bopping away in my chair leaving no time for me to feel the cold. From Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, The Eagles, to the high high notes of the Bee Gees Jive Talking he sang them all and had me thoroughly captivated for the entire concert. The hour was up before I knew it and I was left wanting more. A great time was had by this Quartz newbie and I cant wait to see what he does next. ..........................See you there 😊


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