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Paradorn Ansar @ Sky Music Park 17/03/21

Happy St Patrick's day! I was all dolled up in my greens and wanted to show them off so I took me, myself and I to a little place called "Sky Music Park". There was a smaller than usual crowd there but I'm guessing that was due to the time of day. I was instantly greeted by the host Cazzy Ansar and I'm glad I stopped in as Paradorn Ansar the other half of the duo and also co owner of the club was singing and strumming his guitar.

Paradorn has a unique singing voice that is rough deep and sexy he is a true lover of music and his passion shows through with the amount of energy and feelings he puts into his songs.

He started singing back when he was a teenager and has always enjoyed his music.He is also a member of a band in RL called Backline. Which i did Google and yes they are not bad.You could just tell the audience was enjoying his performance and was creative in the way he drew the crowd into his songs.

One song that I chose from his list was Lying Eyes by the Eagles....He didn't have any backing music and just played as if it had been, actually I was astounded by his instrumental playing and how good his voice sounded without the backing., which I presume would be difficult to do.

His song list sports the names of singers like Willie Nelson,Robbie Williams, Etta James, Johnny Cash and The Eagles just to name a few.

I do like going to these smaller clubs as it feels more intimate and for a old computer less likely of lagging me out.

So make a memory of it and have a look and listen to the talented man Paradorn Ansar.


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