• michaeljrossini

Noma Falta @ The Grand Strand Warehouse 10/01/21

Straight up after Max at The Warehouse was Noma Falta. All I can say people is WOW FREAKING WOW . Her voice is totally indescribable, there are simply no words adequate so I won’t even try and instead will let you judge for yourself. From the opening bars of Paul McCartney’s Don’t go chasing waterfalls I was totally enthralled and completely speechless, trust me, me being speechless does not happen very often, as my friends can attest to. This lady can sing the blues like no other that I have ever heard before. For those of you who were lucky enough to see Jimmy T perform, he to me was the King of the SL Blues and Noma most certainly is the Queen. I would go so far to say that out of all the shows that I have seen in SL over the years Noma Falta would have to be one of, if not the best. You do not want to go through SL without experiencing Noma for yourself. The bar has been set high. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!


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