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Max Kleene and Quartz @ Scarlets Red Rocks 13/01/21

I know that I blogged about Max and Quartz separately only recently but tonight was a real treat that I could not help but write about as they joined forces for Canada night and sang together at Scarlets Red Rocks. The venue was done in a lovely winter scene, (which made me wish again that I dragged a jacket out of the cupboard and dusted it off.) and the stage had a huge maple leaf floor for the Canadian singers to feel right at home upon. Michael, my significant other, had previously told me these two guys performing together is a sight to behold, or hear and he was right. Max and Quartz have such different voices, but they blended effortlessly to make magic. I had such a great time watching/listening to them in action and you could tell that they are obviously good friends the way they bounced off each other and joked together. I wished they could have done a full hour of songs as I was left wanting more, but the 30 minutes they were on stage together was just brilliant.

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