• michaeljrossini

Max Kleene @ After Dark 16/03/21

Max. The first live singer I ever heard in SL and years later, he's still going strong. It's no mistake that Max has been popular on the SL music scene for many years now. He not only oozes talent but he has a relaxed, friendly, easy going way in which he relates to his audience. In fact you'd almost think he was an Aussie .. almost ;) lol

Max always pulls a crowd. He's a bit like the pied piper of the SL music scene. He's well known and loved around the grid and for good reason. In all honesty, if I want to just relax and chill out while catching some tunes, then nothing beats listening to Max. His voice is smooth, but that's not his only talent, because he accompanies himself with his acoustic guitar and he knows his way around those strings. He often enjoys sharing the history or story behind the songs he sings, as he chats with the crowd. He also has an extensive song list and loves to take your requests.

I caught Max today at After Dark. Meegan and the crew at After Dark have been supportive of the live music scene in SL for many years now. It's a friendly & welcoming venue with a good vibe and hosts a great variety of talent. A venue always worth checking out when you want to catch a live gig.


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