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Maribol Inshan @ Belar Inshan Social Club 19/03/21

After opening countless boxes of worthless stuff, i took a landmark that my friend Lostsinger ( i reviewed him earlier in the month), sent out. I turned up a little early as I like to get a good spot so I don't get my head landed on.

I'm glad I did as I was lucky enough to catch a few songs by Maribol Inshan and her band The cool Cats.", accompanying her on stage. From what I heard of her voice it walks the fine line between being seductive and being charming, her voice has a persuasive quality and she was very Charismatic.

Maribol expresses herself through the music she chooses by what touches her heart and spirit of the moment. Her songs which can be anything from Patsy Cline to Lana Del Rey or the Bee Gees to Robbie Williams or Adele to Melissa Ethridge.. are quiet diverse in her repertoire.

Maribol came to sl in 2008 and started Djing and it wasn't long due to the love of music that a natural progression took place into singing.

Quote.." always having a love for singing but always to busy with living to pursue it I decided that the music industry was fun and very rewarding and her words "Decided to give it a go"........and it is incredibly fun to be creative and to share it with others."

She is very talented in other aspects of her life here in SL with the ownership of the

Belar Inshan Social Club, arranging Special Themed events/ shows that she fully stages and choreographs with live singing that's offered once a month and held at synergy island

She also continues to DJ and loves designing and photography.

How she keeps up with her schedule makes me tired just writing about it. LOL!

I do say I found her to be a delight to talk to who loves to share her bubbly and sincere personality with others.

If you would like to hear a sample of her music click here ~>

I cant impress how much I really enjoyed her music even though brief.

I highly recommend to take time out of your schedules and go and have a listen to this amazing woman.


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