• michaeljrossini

Lyric Serendipity @ The Night Owl 10/01/21

I went along to see Lyric Serendipity at The Night Owl today at 4pm, a busy time in SL for concerts . The Night Owl is cute little outdoor venue on the water that has an oriental feel to it. Once again as with a lot of clubs there was a choice of dance pads or dance balls, I stuck to the dance pads. I thought that Lyric had a very nice voice and was pleasantly surprised at the songs that she sang, ranging from The Beatles, Heart, Alannah Miles to an Eddie and The Cruisers song that had me remembering a favourite movie of long ago. It was a shame that including staff and myself there were only 2 other people there and in the end, I didn’t stay for the entire show but In saying that I still had a nice enough time while I was there.


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