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Lost Singer @ Belar Inshan Social Club 13/03/21

Well wouldn't you know it I woke up with a hang....um headache and I didn't really want to hit any of the clubs that have pounding tech-no going on. Actually I just wanted to go back to bed..urh!

Don't laugh I bet you lot have been there too !!..wink wink.

So to the event page again ..which is my bible (of course), looked it over and came across a Name that I had never heard of. "Lost Singer "

So I perved his profile and then clicked the link...and all hell broke loose falling from the sky's almost on to the stage.I picked myself up red faced brushed off the pixel dust and placed myself at the back of the crowd.

Now "lostsinger" was singing as I arrived and i was so glad he had such an easy voice to listen to.

An older gentleman much accustomed to playing in front of crowds was entertaining a group for a Rezz day at the Club..This was a knew club for me by the name of ' Belar Inshan Social Club', small but quaint and a good line up of entertainers .Unfortunately the owner was sick so her offsider Mrs FireEyezz Cortes - Saphir ..( that was a mouth full) lol had everything under control and will have a new landmark if anyones interested in looking.

Now back to "lostsinger" He knows how to read the crowd and could easily fit into any clubs' schedule.

He has been singing in SL for 3 years and hails from MONTREAL Quebec Canada and has been singing since he was 5 years old,

after having a family and starting a sports career he joined a band that loved to hear him sing and times when he wasn't singing he was writing ( over 200 songs) for the band.

I was able to ask a couple of questions and found that he has a soft spot for R@B and Soul

His list of songs comprise of soul ,blues,country pop most of which come from the 60s' and 70' I asked for Unforgettable by Nat KIng Cole and " lostsinger" did a really good job.

Take your Lady/ partner/ friend for a romantic night or day. If your wanting to listen to some nice easy listening songs this is the go to Man.


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