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JPeabody @ The Woolshed 11/03/21

I thought I might venture off my sim and look for some live entertainment. So taking the Event pages from the search bar I started my expedition.The first couple of places i went to were empty so I thought I might hit the "Woolshed" ;And sure enough it was going full bore.

The owner Spiker upshaw and I exchanged pleasantries on my arrival and the Hostess Aurora was delightful.I felt welcomed which is good for the " Woolshed" cause I like to feel important and when I do I give out Linden.(laughs)

The Woolshed is based of course if you didn't know on the Aussie wool shedsfound in the outbacks of Australia.

Now who was there entraining the crowd ? it was JP Peabody Ive heard him before and thought yes hes not bad but today he was extremely good and entertaining. JP was very good hitting every high note with amazing precision I have to say I was waiting for him to crash but he surprised me with those strong vocal cords of his. .His repertoire of songs was quite extensive and he sung a rendition of "Hold me now" by Johnny Logan which was new for him

Perfectly sung i might add.

So if your looking for some live entertainment and good talent keep your eyes open for when Jp is singing.


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