• michaeljrossini

Hogan Bailey @ Greased Lightning 09/01/20

Going to a Hogan show is like going to on a date with the Energizer bunny, you never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next or how it will end and today was no different. The choice of venue was Greased Lightning a large, 50’s inspired club where you can jump on dance pads or couple dance with your love…….in my case it was the dance pads and damn they always make me wonder why I choose stilettos. Hogan, when he wasn’t belting out seriously good tunes which ranged from old to new rock songs and ballads was engaging with his audience and his dancers the Hi-Steppers and just having fun as he always does, . (A shout out to the Hi-Steppers who did an amazing job of dancing on the pink Cadillac.) My favourite song of the show was Tangled Up In You, Hogan sang such a beautiful version of this song, a song that I love, that made me wish slow dancing with my man. . An awesome, entertaining show that now has me soaking my feet and looking at buying flat shoes 😊


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