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Hedy @ Colour of Whispers 11/01/21

My first Hedy concert ….Have I been living under a rock??????? I landed at Colour of Whispers, an outdoor Aussie venue, complete with kangaroos, emus etc to what I can only describe as the powerhouse voice of Hedy singing Joe Bonamassa and Beth Harts classic, I would rather go blind. A big song that was done to perfection, as were all the songs that followed. Such a HUGE voice worthy of a huge following, and follow her I will. Dancing on the hill overlooking a billabong all I needed was a beer to take me back to the Sundays sessions of old in Australia. I was slightly laggy with 44 others at the venue, but It didn’t bother me as I was having such a great time and judging by the way local was going off with applause and comments everyone else was having a great time too. A fantastic hour with a true professional. Loved it. 😊

Just a sample of some of the comments in local:

WOW!! What a Voice!!

so absolutely AMAZING

♩♪♫♡ ṮḧḭṠ ṠṏṆḠ ṁḀḲḕṠ ṁḕ ṁḕḶṮ ♡♫♪♩



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