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Froezz Moonites (Staring at the Sun) @ Vibe Live Music 19/3/21

And again it was Friday evening, the weekend said with the desire for something unusual music diversion, Hello! But this time I knew exactly where the path should lead me.

It took me to the Vibe Live Music Venue, where the Froezz Moonites concert was announced. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing a complete program from him before and I really wanted to catch up on that.

I've known the vibe for a long time and it's always good for an insider tip. In the noble classic red and a touch of gold, it looks very noble and based on a variety tea from bygone days but the program that is offered there is extremely good and multi-layered. It's always worth a visit.

Froezz is from Texas USA. He is a singer / songwriter / musician with a lot of musical experience in RL and SL.

That evening he sang some of his countless songs and covers in his own special way. The covers he chose couldn't be more different.

With Mad World - Tears for fears, Nothing left to lose - Matt Kearny Country,

Wichita lineman - Glen Campbell, Maddness -Muse, Love song-The Cure

Blackbird - The Beatles and Put that record on - Chris Christopherson, he proved his musical talent to interpret covers in his own way in order to put his own unmistakable stamp on. He did it perfectly!

He's a friendly, reserved guy, and you get the impression that he's smiling gently all day. He is surrounded by a very special aura and it literally flew around him during his entire performance, you could see, hear and feel it.

His originals from that evening, some of many that will soon be available as an album entitled Staring at the Sun, such as Where are you - I'm sorry I can't - Staring at the sun - Longing for the moon and Just a memory, have absolute catchy tune potential. They are of unbelievable quality in terms of craftsmanship, lyricism and music. With his wonderful, very own style, vibe influenced by country and folk and with his incredibly versatile, warm and authentic voice that comes straight from the heart, he gives it all his magic. A wonderful concert ended far too quickly, but I haven't seen him for the last time and I warmly recommend everyone to visit him.

**translated from German**


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