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Downunder’s birthday bash @ Ciera’s Gin N Juice 21/01/21

It was party central tonight at Ciera’s Gin n Juice as the crowd flocked in to wish Downunder a early happy birthday. As usual Down delivered his show in true rock style that had me kicking up my heels and hoping I didn’t break one (new boots…sorry Coreo loves yours and stole them) What I think of as his signature tune Uprising had the gestures flying so hard and fast that I had to duck for cover in case I spilled my beer all over Ciera’s floor and got kicked out. Thankfully, I wasn’t banned, got to finish my beer and keep on rocking until the end, which in true Downunder style went over after the hour and therefore required more beer for me…….hic. Another rocking show that may see me with a sore head tomorrow…..puts my sunglasses on to wear to bed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOWUNDER

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