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Downunder @ Ciera’s Gin and Juice 14/01/21

In my opinion Downunder is unequivocally SL’s King of Rock and tonight’s performance just confirmed it. The gig was at Ciera’s Gin and Juice, a large club with what I would say has industrial feel to it, cool checker plate floor in places. There are plenty of single and double dance pads for everyone, as well as dance balls (side note, I always tend to jump on the double dance pads in case someone feels sorry for the chick dancing alone). Joined on stage by his dancers, the lovely Downette’s, Downunder was in full rock mode as he belted mainly Aussie songs from Mental As anything, The Black Sorrows, Australian Crawl, Flock of Seagulls and The Angels. The timeless classic Jessies Girl, had me singing out loud like no one could hear me although I do think I heard a shut-up from somewhere in the depths of my house. At one stage I counted 46 in the crowd, all rocking out and having a great time and in true Downunder style, when the hour was done he didn’t pack his guitar up and go home, he stayed and played more. A great night amongst familiar faces that had this Aussie chick rocking her socks (well stilettos) off.

Michael and me .........................


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