• michaeljrossini

Chillee Hernandoz @ Solar Winds winter venue 21/01/21

There are so many talented artists in SL that I am so lucky to get to see and write about and just when I think that it can’t get any better, I get to see/hear someone that just knocks my feet right out from under me. Tonight, for the first time, I got to see Chillee at Solarwinds winter venue and damn she has a voice that is just as this Aussie would say is sex on legs. (ok maybe Rawhide wasn’t sexy lol) She has a voice that is just so delectable that it will have you partying on the inside and out. What girl doesn’t like a bad guy? Come-on admit it we all secretly do, but if you are in the minority who don’t then Chillee singing about them will certainly make you wish you did mmmhmmmmm. Girls and guys if you want to get your groove on, so to speak, with the one you love/like/desire then take them along to a Chillee show, its guaranteed to work for you. A super sexy hour that has this girl going for a cold shower.


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