• michaeljrossini

ARRA @ Sapphire Beach Club 23/01/21

If you like to dance, if you like to be entertained, if you like a high energy non-stop performer who will have you shaking your booty like no tomorrow then stop looking because ARRA is your answer. Not only does she bring so much sass and vibrancy to her shows she has the look to match.(loved the purple hair) Arra has a voice that is so massive it will blow you away and have you wishing the volume button would go higher. Her version of A Million Dreams, from The Greatest Showman was just exquisite but when she sang Bohemian Rhapsody my jaw dropped, it was so gigantic that if there was a roof on the venue she would have raised it. Tonight’s show was held on the large deck overlooking the water at Sapphire Beach Club, a great place for performer who was on fire. LOVED IT


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