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TAO EASTER 2021.png

TAO was started by the SL and RL musician Winter.


He had supported other charities long before that and now wanted to continue doing this under his own direction.


The opening of TAO was in winter 2020. On this occasion, a collection was made for Feed a Smile. Also an organization that helps needy children in Africa.


The festival takes place four times a year, always on Easter-Summer - Halloween and Christmas. The current festival goes to the benefit of KIKA, a Dutch organization that supports children diagnosed with cancer.


There are 2 sponsors who made themselves available for the smooth running of the event. On the one hand there is Pangea Estates, they provide the land on which the whole thing will take place, as they did last year. Second, it is also like last year, Vside Radio Streams, which offers a stream that all artists can use in order to secure the music transmission without problems.


When I asked what motivations he had for founding TAO, he answered me very spontaneously. Winter: We stand together, unite and ALWAYS support children's charities. Because children are our future. Helping a child because they are unhappy, not because they did something wrong, but only because of a life situation, gives me the greatest sense of achievement.

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